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Buena Vista Home
Entertainment, Inc.
Walt Disney Studios
Home Entertainment
Subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios
Incorporated February 13, 1987 (1987-02-13)[1]
ProductsHome video
ParentThe Walt Disney Studios
(The Walt Disney Company)

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (also called Buena Vista Home Entertainment)[1][2] is the division of The Walt Disney Company that distributes videos of movies to be played in the home. Disney began distributing videos under its own label in 1978 under the name Walt Disney Home Video.

The company distributes DVDs and Blu-ray discs under the labels Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Touchstone Home Entertainment, and Hollywood Pictures Home Entertainment.

It releases its Disney-branded movies under the brand name Disney DVD. Disney began releasing titles on DVD in 1997, although they were not released in this format in the UK until 2000. They stopped released videos in VHS format in 2006. They began releasing movies on Blu-ray disc in the same year, under the brand name Disney Blu-ray.

Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection[change | change source]

The Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection is a line of videos and DVDs released by The Walt Disney Company which ran from 2000 to 2001. The collection released before it was the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection. All titles released were released in both VHS and DVD except for Toy Story, which was released on VHS only.[3] It was also the only title in the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection to have the Walt Disney Company intro.

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