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Warriors is a series of fantasy fiction books written by Erin Hunter. The series is about the adventures of wild cats as they try to survive in their forest homes. The series is made up of four mini-series with six books in each series. The first of these, called Warriors, was released in 2003, starting with the book Into the Wild. The authors were not planning to write another mini-series, but they eventually began the second mini-series. The second mini-series is titled Warriors: The New Prophecy and was published in 2005. The first book was called Midnight. The first book of the third series Warriors: The Power of Three, The Sight, was released on April 24, 2007. The fourth series, Warriors: Omen of the Stars, began with The Fourth Apprentice

Four field guides were also released. They give more information about the Clans that are not mentioned in the series. Firestar's Quest, a "Super Edition", was released on August 21, 2005.[1] After it, two other super editions were released; Bluestar's Prophecy and SkyClan's Destiny. Several three volume manga series have been printed as well. The title of the first volume was The Lost Warrior, and followed Graystripe after he was taken away by twolegs (humans).[2] The second volume, Warrior's Refuge, was released on December 26, 2007,[3] and the second book of Power of Three, Dark River, was also released December 26, 2007.

The series focuses on a group of cats called ThunderClan. Each mini-series focuses on different characters.

Setting and characters[change | change source]

The original series and the first two books of Warriors: The New Prophecy are set in a forest that the authors have said was based on the New Forest area of England.[4] The first six books center around Rusty, a kittypet (housecat) who joins ThunderClan, and finds out that there is a prophecy about him. The second series finds the forest in turmoil. "Twolegs" (humans) are destroying the forest, and a cat from each Clan (there are four) must go on a journey. Then, all the cats must find a new home. This involves mostly Leafpool and Squirrelflight, daughters of Rusty, now called Firestar. The third series, The Power of Three, involves Squirrelflight's "kits", Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw, and the special powers that they have. The next series, Omen of the Stars, came out a while ago. Squirrelflight's"children" discover their true identity and save all the clans.

Warriors book list[change | change source]

Warriors: Original Series[change | change source]

This mini-series focuses on the young kitten Rusty. In the first book, Into the Wild, he discovers a kitten named Graypaw in the woods. After a cat named Bluestar asks him to join ThunderClan, Rusty decides to leave his home in the town and join Bluestar's Clan - who she turns out to lead. There, he is given the name Firepaw. Some of his friends include Graypaw, Sandpaw, Dustpaw, and Ravenpaw - they become Graystripe, Sandstorm, and Dustpelt, but Ravenpaw is chased off due to his mentor's evil intentions. Firepaw himself is later named a warrior, Fireheart.

Fireheart finds out that a fellow warrior, Tigerclaw, has killed a cat in ThunderClan because he wanted to take this cat's position. Fireheart reveals this to his Clan in Forest of Secrets. Tigerclaw is then forced away from ThunderClan and lives as a lone cat in the forest. However, he is always watching for a chance to take revenge on Fireheart.

However, Tigerclaw then becomes leader of a rival clan, ShadowClan. He tries to get the four Clans to join and form one single Clan called TigerClan. When they refuse, he asks a group of city cats called BloodClan to fight the other Clans. However, this plan fails and Tigerclaw is killed by the leader of BloodClan.

The books in the original Warriors series are:

Warriors: The New Prophecy[change | change source]

The next mini-series focuses on three cats: Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, and Leafpaw of ThunderClan. One night, in a dream, Brambleclaw speaks to the old ThunderClan leader, Bluestar, who tells him to meet with three other cats and to listen to what midnight tells them. He meets Tawnypelt of ShadowClan, Feathertail of RiverClan, and Crowpaw of WindClan, and together with their friends Stormfur and Squirrelpaw, they travel to the "sun-drown-place" (the ocean). There they learn that twolegs (humans) will destroy the forest because they want to build more thunderpaths (roads). The six cats hurry back, but on the way, they meet some cats in the mountains known as the Tribe of Rushing Water. The tribe is being hunted by a large mountain cat, named Sharptooth. (mountain lion) . And they think that Stormfur is the cat that is foretold to save them. In the end, it is Feathertail, Stormfur's sister, who kills the mountain cat, but she dies on the way. After leaving the tribe, the five remaining cats go home but find that the clans are worse than they had thought. The cats are all starving because the humans are scaring away all the prey and destroying the land. Firestar finally manages to convince the other clan leaders, (Leopardstar of Riverclan, Blackstar of ShadowClan, and Tallstar of Windclan, though he was willing) to come with him, and the four clans travel to a new territory by a lake.

But even though the cats are now safe, the trouble is not over. Squirrelpaw, given her warrior name Squirrelflight, does not trust Brambleclaw because he is friends with his half-brother Hawkfrost, son of Tigerstar and a rogue called Sasha. And Leafpaw falls in love with Crowpaw, now known as Crowfeather. As the cats fight and fall in love, lots of badgers attack ThunderClan, making Leafpaw make the choice to give up Crowfeather and letting Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight realize how much they mean to each other. In Sunset, Hawkfrost wants to kill Firestar so Brambleclaw can become leader. Brambleclaw realizes that he is more loyal to Firestar than to his half-brother, and he kills Hawkfrost to save his leader.

  • Book 1: Midnight
  • Book 2: Moonrise
  • Book 3: Dawn
  • Book 4: Starlight
  • Book 5: Twilight
  • Book 6: Sunset

Warriors: Power of Three[change | change source]

This series is about three cats - Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw. They are the kits Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw and they are also grandchildren of Firestar.

These three kittens are about to be ThunderClan apprentices. Hollypaw wants to be a medicine cat, and Jaypaw and Lionpaw will train to be warriors. However, Jaypaw is blind, and training to be a warrior will be hard for him. Eventually Hollypaw and Jaypaw switch roles after StarClan, the warrior ancestors, tell Jaypaw he needs to become a medicine cat. A few moons later, Lionpaw begins secretly meeting a WindClan apprentice, Heatherpaw while being trained by Tigerstar. Heatherpaw finds a set of secret tunnels under the ground and she and Lionpaw meet in them. Hollypaw finds out about this, and she and her friend Cinderpaw try to stop him from going to the tunnels. He eventually realizes that it is wrong to meet a cat from another clan, and breaks off the friendship. Then, three WindClan kittens get lost in the tunnels and Heatherpaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Breezepaw have to save them.

In Outcast, the Tribe of Rushing Water is in danger from another band of cats in the mountains. Firestar sends the original New Prophecy cats, plus some extras, to the mountains to try to help them. Jaypaw meets the Tribe of Endless Hunting, the tribe’s ancestors, and realizes that the tribe is not all that different. In Eclipse, WindClan is not happy about ThunderClan taking in non-clan cats, so all four clans battle(Thunder and Shadow VS. Wind and River) and the fighting is only stopped by an eclipse. A strange cat named Sol had predicted it, and Jaypaw thinks Sol is very powerful. After the battle, Hollypaw and Lionpaw get their warrior names, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze.

Sol tries to become powerful within the clans by convincing ShadowClan to stop believing in the Warrior code. Jaypaw, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze fake a sign from StarClan with TawnyPelt's kits Help to make Blackstar believe in his warrior ancestors again. Sol is driven out, and Jaypaw, after saving ThunderClan from a greencough, is given his medicine cat name, Jayfeather. When the clan is in the camp, a fire starts, and the three are trapped on a cliff. Squirrelflight tries to save them, but a warrior called Ashfur blocks the way. It turns out he was mad that Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw to be with her and not him. In order to save the three, Squirrelflight has to tell Ashfur an important secret - Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf are not her kittens. Ashfur wants to tell all the clans, so right before the gathering, he is found dead in a river. The cats think Sol did it, so some of them go on a trip to a Twolegplace, find him, and take him back to ThunderClan. Meanwhile, Jayfeather is trying to find out who his mother is. After finding some clues, he realizes that she is Leafpool, and his father is Crowfeather. Hollyleaf is very mad upon hearing this, and she herself tells the cats at the gathering about it. She also tells her brothers that she killed Ashfur to protect them. Then to escape what she did, she runs into one of the tunnels and it collapses.

  • Book 1: The Sight
  • Book 2: Dark River
  • Book 3: Outcast
  • Book 4: Eclipse
  • Book 5: Long Shadows
  • Book 6: Sunrise

Warriors: Omen of the Stars[change | change source]

The authors have said that a fourth six-book series called Omen of the Stars is going to be written. Book 1 is called the "Fourth Apprentice" It is based on Dovekit and Ivykit, the daughters of Whitewing and Birchfall and the granddaughters of Cloudtail and Brightheart. It is out in stores now.[5] The second book is called Fading Echoes. This book is out now. It is available for people to read. And the third book, Night Whispers, is now also available at book stores. The fourth book, Sign Of the Moon, is now out and available for purchase and the fifth book, The Forgotten Warrior, is now able for purchase.The sixth book, The Last Hope, is out.

  • Book 1: The Fourth Apprentice
  • Book 2: Fading Echoes
  • Book 3: Night Whispers
  • Book 4: Sign Of The Moon
  • Book 5: The Forgotten Warrior
  • Book 6: The Last Hope

Warriors: Dawn of the Clans[change | change source]

  • Book 1: The Sun Trail
  • Book 2: Thunder Rising
  • Book 3: The First Battle
  • Book 4: The Blazing Star
  • Book 5: A Forest Divided
  • Book 6: Path of Stars

Warriors: A Vision Of Shadows[change | change source]

  • Book 1: The Apprentice's Quest
  • Book 2: Thunder and Shadow
  • Book 3: Shattered Sky
  • Book 4: Darkest Night
  • Book 5: River of Fire
  • Book 6: The Raging Storm

Warriors: The Broken Code[change | change source]

  • Book 1: Lost Stars
  • Book 2: The Silent Thaw
  • Book 3: Veil of Shadows
  • Book 4: Darkness Within
  • Book 5: The Place of No Stars
  • Book 6: ?

Standalones[change | change source]

Super Editions[change | change source]

  • Firestar's Quest

Firestar goes on a quest with Sandstorm to save SkyClan.

Bluestar's past.

  • SkyClan's Destiny

SkyClan's life after Firestar leaves.

  • Crookedstar's Promise

Crookedstar's past.

Yellowfang's past.

  • Tallstar’s Revenge

Tallstar sets out on a quest for revenge outside the borders of the warrior code.

  • Bramblestar’s storm
  • Moth Flights Vision
  • Hawkwing’s Journey
  • Tigerheart’s Shadow
  • Crowfeather’s Trial
  • Squirrelflight’s Hope
  • Graystripe’s Vow

Novellas[change | change source]

  • Hollyleaf's Story

Hollyleaf's life in the tunnels.

  • Mistystar's Omen

Mistystar discovers a shocking secret about RiverClan after she becomes leader.

  • Cloudstar’s journey
  • Tigerclaw’s fury
  • Leafpool’s wish
  • Dovewing’s silence
  • Mapleshade’s Vengeance
  • Goosefeather’s Madness
  • Ravenpaw’s Farewell
  • Spottedleaf’s Heart
  • Pinestar’s Choice
  • Thunderstar’s Echo
  • Redtail’s Debt
  • Tawnypelt’s Clan
  • Shadowstar’s Life
  • Pebbleshine’s Kits
  • Tree’s Roots
  • Mothwing’s Secret
  • Daisy’s Kin
  • Spotfur’s Rebellion
  • Blackfoot’s Reckoning

Field Guides[change | change source]

  • Secrets of the Clans

Secrets of the Clans has a list of herbs, all four camp tours, maps, stories, mythology, clan histories, prophecies, and a catspeak:humanspeak glossary.

  • Cats of the Clans

Cats of the Clans has biographies and drawings of most important Warriors characters.

  • Code of the Clans

Code of the Clans explains the reasons behind all the rules of the warrior code using 15 short stories.

  • Battles of the Clans

Battles of the Clans explains all of the clans' battle moves.

  • Enter the Clans

Enter the Clans is Secrets of the Clans and Code of the Clans in one book.

  • The Ultimate Guide
  • The Warriors Guide

Warriors manga[change | change source]

Graystripe's Trilogy[change | change source]

There is a three book manga series based on what happened to Graystripe between the time that he was taken by "twolegs" in Dawn until he returned to ThunderClan in The Sight.

  • The Lost Warrior
  • Warrior's Refuge
  • Warrior's Return

Tigerstar and Sasha Trilogy[change | change source]

This series follows the life of Sasha, a kittypet who is forced to leave her home and who falls in love with a dangerous clan cat, Tigerstar.

  • Into the Woods
  • Escape from the Forest
  • Return to the Clans

Ravenpaw's Path[change | change source]

This manga series features Ravenpaw, a former apprentice of Thunderclan, and his adventures to take back his home from former Bloodclan cats.

  • Shattered Peace
  • A Clan in Need
  • Heart of a Warrior

SkyClan and the Stranger[change | change source]

This graphic novel follows SkyClan four seasons after SkyClan's Destiny, and features Leafstar's experience having kits while leading her Clan through Sol's regime in SkyClan.

  • The Rescue
  • Beyond the Code
  • After the Flood

Other Manga[change | change source]

  • The Rise of Scourge

A small kitten named Tiny eventually becomes the feared leader of BloodClan.

  • A Shadow in RiverClan

Warriors play[change | change source]

Written by Vicky Holmes for a tour, a play entitled After Sunset: We Need to Talk was first premiered on April 28, 2007 at the Secret Garden bookstore in Seattle, Washington. It shows a meeting between Leafpool of ThunderClan and Crowfeather of WindClan after the events of Sunset. The script was released to the public at www.warriorcats.com, the official site for the Warriors series. In 2009, another short play called Brightspirit's Mercy was released. This play was about the ThunderClan cat Jayfeather helping the other clans even though it is against the warrior code. This play was also released at www.warriorcats.com.[6]

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