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Map of Versailles (Water Walk on right hand side)

The Water Walk or Infants Walk (Allée d'Eau ou Allée des Marmousets) is a group of 14 fountains at Versailles. These fountains depict children supporting small basins of water. The Water Walk gently slopes from the Parterre du Nord to the Dragon Fountain and the Neptune Fountain. The Water Walk comprises three paths separated by two great lawns. The fourteen fountains are set in each of the two lawns, seven apiece. Another eight were added to the semicircle near the Walk's end. The Walk was created in 1670. The concept was that of Claude Perrault. The children were sculpted by Buirette, Le Hongre, Lerambert, and Mazeline after drawings by Le Brun. The children were originally cast in lead and painted realistically in natural colours. They supported baskets of fruit and flowers. These figures were replaced with gilded bronze copies and basins of marble in 1688.

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