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The Western European Union (WEU) is a European defence and security organization. It was set up by Treaty of Brussels of 1948, West Germany and Italy joined in 1954. It should not be confused with the European Union (EU). The WEU headquarters are in Brussels.

Treaty of Brussels[change | change source]

The Treaty of Brussels was signed by the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands on March 17, 1948. It was changed on October 23, 1954 when West Germany and Italy joined.

The WEU's three main aims are:

  • To promote European economic recovery;
  • To help each other to resist any attacks or threats of attack;
  • To promote the unity in Europe.

The WEU is led by a Council of Ministers, helped by a Council of Permanent Representatives (ambassadors). The Parliamentary Assembly now has the same members as the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe). Social and cultural activities were handed to the Council of Europe to avoid duplication of responsibilities within Europe.[1]

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