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Wet Tropics of Queensland

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Wet Tropics of Queensland
Kuranda - Barron Gorge lookout.jpg
UNESCO World Heritage Site
LocationCairns, Queensland, Australia Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates17°30′S 145°45′E / 17.5°S 145.75°E / -17.5; 145.75
Area893,828.69637768 ha (9.6210920156938×1010 sq ft)
CriteriaNatural: (vii), (viii), (ix), (x) Edit this on Wikidata
Inscription1988 (12th Session)
Wet Tropics of Queensland is located in Australia
Barron Gorge National Park
Black Mountain (Kalkajaka) National Park
Cedar Bay National Park
Daintree National Park
Edmund Kennedy National Park
Girringun National Park
Kirrama National Park
Kuranda National Park
Wooroonooran National Park
Wet Tropics of Queensland (Australia)
Wet Tropics of Queensland is located in Australia
Wet Tropics of Queensland
Location of Wet Tropics of Queensland

The Wet Tropics of Queensland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is in a narrow strip along the east coast of Queensland, Australia. It starts just north of Townsville and continues to just south of Cooktown, a distance of about 450 km (280 mi). This is an area of 894,420 ha (2,210,160 acres) in 730 separate blocks of land[1] which includes 41 national parks covering185,000 ha (457,145 acres).[2] About 80% of the site is tropical rainforest. It is interesting because it is very old forest, and is a living record of 415 million years of evolution, going back to Pangea and Gondwana. All of Australia's marsupials, and many of its other animals, evolved in tropical rainforests, and many of their closest surviving ancestors still live in the Wet Tropics of Queensland.

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