Wheel 2000

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Wheel 2000 (full title Wheel of Fortune 2000) was a childrens' television game show. It aired on Saturday mornings on CBS from September 13, 1997 to February 7, 1998. It was a spin-off of the television game show Wheel of Fortune. It was hosted by David Sidoni.

Introduction[change | change source]

Gameplay was the same as the adult version of Wheel of Fortune, with some differences. Instead of money, players played for points. Winning a round won the player a prize. Players picked from three categories at the start of a round. A new category replaced the one picked in the next round. Other things included:

  • Bankrupt was called The Creature. It had a creature come out of the wheel to "eat" the player's points.
  • Lose a Turn was called Loser.
  • There was a WWW.WHEEL2000.COM space. If a correct letter was called, a randomly chosen person who had logged on to the Wheel 2000 website won a t-shirt. The player got 750 points per instance of their letter.
  • There was a Double Up space. A contestant who landed on this space was asked a question. Getting the question right allowed the player to pick a letter for 1,000 points per instance. If the player answered wrong, it was 500 points per instance.
  • There was a Prize Box space. Landing on this and calling a correct letter won the player a small prize. This prize was kept no matter if the player lost or won the game. The player also got 100 points per instance of their letter.
  • Three 250-point stunt spaces were on the wheel. Landing on one of these spaces allowed the player to play a stunt. This would allow a player to earn up to three consonants. After the stunt, the player could see if the consonants were in the puzzle, or call their own consonant.
    • The physical games in Wheel 2000 are:
      • Call Waiting – The contestant would have to pick up telephones and figure out who was calling them.
      • Feed the Raptor – The contestant had to dig meat out of a pit with a giant spoon and put it into the raptor's mouth.
      • Monster Heads – The contestant was given an apron, gloves, and goggles to put on. He/She had to grab pieces of famous heads and stick them on the monster out of a slimey basket.
      • Letter Launch – The contestant had to put alien ships on a catapult and launch them into a spinning pod.
      • Smell-O-Letter – The contestant was given a mask with a smelling tube. He/She had to identify what the smell was inside the four tubes by sticking the tube in the hole. This physical game was similar to another physical game called What's That? on the Canadian kids game show, Uh Oh!
      • Chutes and Letters – The contestant had to stick a ball down a tube towards a spinning wheel, and predict what color the ball would land in. This physical game's name is a play on words of the children's board game, Chutes and Ladders.
      • Remote Rally – The contestant had to control a remote-controlled car through an obstacle course, and cross each line until they got to the end. One line allowed the player to win a Wheel 2000 cap.
      • Cube Roll – The contestant had to toss pairs of cubes into the air, and match a pair of symbols to earn a letter.
      • Match It – The contestant played a matching game in order to earn letters.
      • Wash and Wear Words – The contestant had to put on clothes. Each of the 4 types of clothing (cap, shirt, shorts, shoe) contained a letter. The contestant had to spell the correct 3 to 4-letter words. When he/she hit the button, he/she had to say what word they were wearing to earn a letter.
      • Alien Toss – The contestant had to toss foam aliens at numbered windows with shapes behind them, and match a pair of shapes to earn a letter.

After a puzzle, a video clip about the puzzle was shown.

Bonus Round[change | change source]

The winning player chose one of two prize packages, labeled "A" and "B." A puzzle was given, and all instances of the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E were shown. The player then picked three more consonants and a vowel. Solving the puzzle correctly in 10 seconds won the player the prize package.