White City of Tel Aviv

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Coordinates: 32°04′40″N 34°46′26″E / 32.07778°N 34.77389°E / 32.07778; 34.77389

Tel Aviv Bauhaus Museum

The White City of Tel Aviv (Hebrew: העיר הלבנה, Ha-Ir HaLevana) is the name of the Bauhaus (also called "internatioanl style") architectural area in Tel Aviv. After the 1920s eclectic architecture period in Tel Aviv, in the 1930s a new architectural style came to the city by Jewish-German architects. They brought the new style of the bauhaus to parts of the city. In 2003, these areas of Tel Aviv were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for their unique architecture, under the name: White City of Tel Aviv. In 2000, the Tel Aviv Bauhaus Center opened in Dizengoff Street and in 2010 the Tel Aviv Bauhaus Museum opened in Bialik street next to the old City Hall.

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