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Wicked Sciences is an Australian television series. It takes place in Sandy Bay. It tells the story of two teenagers who suddenly become science geniuses.

Story[change | change source]

Toby Johnson is a normal student of Sandy Bay High School, juggling between school and the normal life of a teenager. Elizabeth Hawke is the teacher's pet. Nobody like her in the high school and she likes nobody, excepted Tony. She has liked Tony from her childhood. One day, Toby and her were in the laboratory of the school. They were hit by a strange blue ray and they become sciences geniuses. But they do not know why. The normal life of Sandy Bay is changed by the two geniuses.

Details on the story[change | change source]

On the first school day at Sandy Bay High School, Toby and his best friend Russel met a new student, Dina Demeris. They quickly became friends. During science class, they were chatting. When they got caught, Dina was the one who was going to be punished, but Toby said that it was his fault. He was to be punished with Russ. The teacher, Mr. Tesslar showed the students the fossils he found during the summer. He started to scan them with a machine and asked who wanted to finish the work. Elizabeth accepted. That evening, Russ, Toby and Elizabeth were in the science laboratory. Toby and Russ had to clean the aquarium, and Elizabeth was scanning the stones. Russ had a bad idea. He tried to use his mouth to change the water. He ran to the restrooms and Toby and Elizabeth cleaned the ground. A frog got out of the aquarium and jumped on the keyboard of the machine. The device scanned a strange blue stone and made a blue ray which hit Toby and Elizabeth.

Main characters[change | change source]

  • Toby Johnson: Toby is a regular student, but he is also a science genius. He tried to tell his adventure to Mr.Tesslar, but decided to keep it a secret. He has a crush on Bianca.
  • Russel 'Russ' Skinner: Russel is the best friend of Toby. He is afraid of Garth.
  • Dina Demeris:
  • Elizabeth Hawke:
  • Garth King:
  • Verity McGuire:
  • Sacha Johnson:

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