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Wikilusa, people like you
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Available inPortuguese
OwnerCarlos Botelho
Created byVoluntary members
RegistrationRequired (to edit pages)
Current statusActive

Wikilusa is a free Portuguese encyclopedia, created in 2008.

The word "Lusa" refers to the country or people whose official language is native Portuguese. Introduces a new biographical concept, opening space to all users without exception. It refers issues and articles preferably from Portugal and the regions.[1]

In developing the platform tried to create a Wiki user-friendly for all audiences. The idea is that the entire content is free and can be written by all people.

It is intended to provide users with new features that can help build the encyclopedia, such as rating articles, and including videos from YouTube. It has over 40,610 articles and 3 million page views since creation.

Orthographic agreement[change | change source]

Wikilusa defends native Portuguese language in opposition to the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement of 1990 whose purpose is to create a "unified orthography" for the Portuguese language, to be used by all the countries that have Portuguese as their official language.

Wikilusa figures among other encyclopedias such as Encarta, Wikipedia, Wikisource, Enciclopédia Verbo Edição Século XXI, Encyclopedia Americana, in two published books at AMAZON: Books LLC, Wiki Series (June 25, 2011) and (June 27, 2011) Language: Portuguese, ISBN 978-1232529651.[2][3]

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