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A Wikimedian in Residence runs a training course for librarians in Stockholm

A Wikimedian in Residence or Wikimedian in Residence is somebody who works with an organisation to help its members understand Wikipedia and its sister projects like Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and Wikisource.

Wikimedians in Residence work with different types of organisation. These include GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), learned societies and universities.

History[change | change source]

The first Wikipedian in residence was hosted by the British Museum in 2010.[1][2]

By 2016, more than 100 people had worked as a Wikimedian in Residence.[3] Most Wikimedians in Residence are either paid by the institution where they work, or by a Wikimedia-related organization. Some are volunteers.

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