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Your article must not violate copyright.

As a general rule, never copy and paste text from other websites. There are a few exceptions where this is okay to do, but you should be very sure before you do it. Just adding a few words as part of a quotation is fine, as long as you make it clear whose words they are to avoid plagiarism.

Do not copy text from somewhere else. Adding a few words as part of a quotation is okay, as long as you show where it comes from. Apart from that, there are very few sources from which text can just be copied and pasted without breaking copyright rules. Articles breaking these rules will be deleted. Write the article in your own words. It is okay if your text is not perfect — that can always be fixed later.

Cases where reusing text from a source is okay include works in the public domain and works with a license that Wikipedia can use. If you think your source may be one of these cases, it is best to ask on the community forum to make sure. If you own the source or have permission to reproduce it, the permission needs to be verified (see here for how to do that).

Even text that has been copied or translated from another Wikipedia needs attribution. For these cases, see Wikipedia:How to copy from another Wikipedia and Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia.

Your article should also show why the subject is notable.

On a previous page, you were given guidelines on what makes your subject notable enough for its own article. Be sure that by the time the reader finishes reading your article, they will understand why the subject is notable.

Your article must be neutral.

Articles in Wikipedia should be written with a neutral point of view. This means that it is neither "for" nor "against" any particular subject. You can include praise or criticism of the subject, but it must be given with reliable sources. Your article should describe the praise and criticism with a neutral tone, not add to it. Just write about facts — it is fine to state that somebody else has published an opinion, but do not say that this person's opinion is right or wrong. And do not include your own opinion. Avoid words that exaggerate or mislead. Articles must represent all important viewpoints fairly and in proportion to how significant they are. Articles that only serve to attack or promote their subject may be deleted.

Your article must be in Simple English.

Articles in the Simple English Wikipedia must be written in Simple English. Simple English is similar to English, but it only uses basic words and simple grammar.

We suggest that articles should use only the 1,000 most common and basic words in English. They should also use only simple grammar and shorter sentences. Writers can also use a special system, for example, Basic English. Usually, about 2,000 words are enough to write a normal article.

Since some articles need more than 2,000 different words, some complex articles use more words. Some articles will need to use technical words which are not simple. These need to be explained, and linked to an article whenever possible. Because of this articles copied from other wikipedias will be deleted if the language is too complex. Read How to write Simple English pages for more information.

Does your article meet the content requirements?

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