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Wikipedia:Article wizard/General notability

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If a topic has been described in many reliable sources that are not associated with the subject, it can be said to be notable enough for its own article.
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More than anything else, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Because of this, subjects in Wikipedia have to be notable enough to be considered encyclopedic.

A topic is notable if it has been the subject of several published works from sources that are reliable and independent. All topics must meet a minimum level of notability in order for an article on that topic to be included in Wikipedia. This requirement makes sure that there is enough reliable material to write a verifiable, encyclopedic article about the topic.

In addition, the subject itself must also be encyclopedic. Things such as video game guides, memorials, instruction manuals, directories, lists of links, advertising, self-promotion, and dictionary definitions are not encyclopedic. These things are examples of what Wikipedia is not.

Is the subject of your article notable?

My article is about a notable and encyclopedic subject

My article is about a subject that may not be notable