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If a topic has been described in many reliable sources that are not associated with the subject, it can be said to be notable enough for its own article.
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Very few musicians are suitable for an article on Wikipedia.

There are millions of musicians in the world, but only a few of them are notable enough for an article on Wikipedia. The usual rule for musicians is that there must be enough reliable, independent information to show that lots of people are interested in them. Musicians who satisfy at least one of the requirements below can have their own Wikipedia articles because there is likely to be a good amount of reliable information available about them and a good amount of public interest in them. This list is not an absolute rule, but it should give you an idea about the level of notability required for Wikipedia:

A musician or musical group is notable if they satisfy any one of the following criteria:

A song or album is notable if it meets any of the following:

  • Has won a major award
  • Is an official anthem of a state, region, province or territory
  • Is a musical standard (e.g., a pop or jazz standard)
  • Is a folk song, hymn or carol with a documented history of more than fifty years.

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