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Bedkot Municipality[change source]

Suda VDC is located in Mahendran, the district headquarters of Kanchanpur district in the Mahakali Zone under the Far Western Province of Nepal. And the entire area falling within the total area of ​​Daiji VDC is the proposed Bedkot municipality. 3 km 13 km from the district headquarters of Kanchanpur. It is a developing area up to the east, including Mahendra Highway and Jogbudha Dadeldhura Road. It is bounded on the east by Shuklaphata Wildlife Sanctuary, Arjuni Post (Jhalari Pipladi Municipality), on the west by Bhimdatta Municipality, on the north by Chure Range (Dadeldhura District) and on the south by Shuklaphanta Reserve. 55.5 sq. Km. Of Daiji VDC and 100 sq. Km. A total of 158.5 sq. Km. Has been Under this municipality 28‍.32 minutes north to 29.08 minutes north latitude and 80.It extends from 03 minutes west to 80.33 minutes west longitude. This N.P. Inside, educational development, drinking water, health, communication, agriculture, transport and electricity as well as four regional offices related to agriculture are being developed and initiatives are also being taken in the industrial sector. The huge, clean and beautiful Bedkot Lake, Vand Lake, Siddha Sarovar, Baidyanath Dham, Old Age Home, Shivalingakruti Bhamkeshwar Mahadev in the middle of the Chure range in the northern part of this municipality can be the main source of development if managed as a religious tourist area. The lush forests of this region can provide natural beauty and environmental cleanliness as well as become a source of resources if the forest products are put to good use. This N.P. has various religious, cultural and costumes.For the greater good of the region, it is necessary to form municipalities for the greater good of the region, with mixed settlements and the development of markets and dense settlements along the main roads, including highways, from rural to urban.,_Nepal

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