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Welcome to the school project of the Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe. This project aims to bring English as a second language students from Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe to edit Wikipedia articles in a fun way! We will first open an account and do some introduction exercises such as wiki-races to get familiar with Wikipedia. Second, students will choose subjects to work on and find reliable sources on the Web or in library. Finally, each student will have to add content to existing articles or create a new one (a stub).

Logo of the cegep on the main building's façade

Participants[change source]

Choose your usename for Wikipedia
Working on a Wikipedia article at Cégep de St-Hyacinthe
Working on texts at the Cégep de St-Hyacinthe
Students of the Cégep de St-Hyacinthe working in computer lab

Group 03 (Winter 2013)[change source]

  1. LMRosemarie (talk · contribs) - Article: Reining
  2. Joy_cruz (talk · contribs) - Article: LEED
  3. Lebigking (talk · contribs) - Article: Creatine.
  4. edsol23 (talk · contribs) - Article: ABCP architecture.
  5. NatBourgeois (talk · contribs) - Article: Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec.
  6. Itaylor (talk · contribs) - Article: Boyce Avenue
  7. MyriamP-22 (talk · contribs) - Article: Synchronized swimming
  8. BIBIbombardier08 (talk · contribs) - Article: Coeur de pirate
  9. Dfallu73 (talk · contribs) - Article: Kendrick Lamar
  10. Missnoemy (talk · contribs) - Article: Grey's Anatomy
  11. cambuz (talk · contribs) - Article: Summum magazine.
  12. ATCianci (talk · contribs) - Article: Falcao Garcia.
  13. Philiano (talk · contribs)- Article: Boardwalk Empire
  14. Emilie27 (talk · contribs)- Article: hitching horse
  15. Frederike Labrecque (talk · contribs) - Article: Pineapple
  16. jonathan.lesperance (talk · contribs) - Article: Paramedic
  17. MBLavoie (talk · contribs) - Article: The Weeknd.
  18. QcRay (talk · contribs) - Article: Eric Koston.
  19. isabellegagne (talk · contribs) - Article: Kale.
  20. Ahri_firefox (talk · contribs) - Article: super paper mario.
  21. RafiZineb (talk · contribs) - Article: AkuaNaru
  22. Nicolashardy01 (talk · contribs) - Article : Derek Mclane

Group 09[change source]

  1. JasmineGG (talk · contribs)- Article: Eastern bluebird .
  2. DanaBeaupré (talk · contribs) - Article: Diverticulitis.
  3. gab29mai (talk · contribs)
  4. PLapierre (talk · contribs) - Article: Show jumping
  5. antoinebeaugrandchampagne (talk · contribs) - Article: Gipsy
  6. SèveJanelle (talk · contribs)- Article: life in prison
  7. marc.deschamps (talk · contribs)
  8. catherine1994 (talk · contribs) - Article: Snowboarding
  9. SPetit (talk · contribs) - Article: Antoine Lavoisier
  10. Lauriecusson (talk · contribs) - Article: Veronique Cloutier
  11. RLétourneau (talk · contribs) - Article: Wakeboarding
  12. ArnoGAZ (talk · contribs) - Article: Pinscreen animation
  13. Edwardedd (talk · contribs) - Article : Aion: The Tower of Ethernity (Housing system and Instanced Dungeons)
  14. Nickbrault (talk · contribs) - Article: Ice hockey
  15. Mccournoy (talk · contribs) - Article: Shotokan
  16. Sbelval (talk · contribs)- Article: Philippe Bond
  17. Jfdube39 (talk · contribs)- Article: Slenderman
  18. carldory (talk · contribs)
  19. Arthurstfu36 (talk · contribs) - Article:Jay-Z
  20. charles2042 (talk · contribs)- Article:Bon Jovi
  21. christinepetit (talk · contribs) - Article: Asperger syndrome developmental disorder
  22. Sandra03 (talk · contribs)- Article: Hot air balloon festival.
  23. Samlaf (talk · contribs) - Article: Les Colocs
  24. MelMalo (talk · contribs) - Article:Pauline Gill
  25. simrenaud (talk · contribs) - Article:Bethesda Softworks
  26. justinenoel (talk · contribs) - Article: Coco Chanel

Group 10[change source]

  1. Fredyda (talk · contribs)- Article: André Roy
  2. Belayal (talk · contribs)
  3. Vincent29giguere (talk · contribs) - Article: NHL and its sides
  4. ddozois (talk · contribs) - Article: Pavel Datsyuk
  5. Francois (talk · contribs) - Article: Workout
  6. Zoizo (talk · contribs)
  7. SarahWitty (talk · contribs) - Article: Leucan
  8. Marie94 (talk · contribs) - Article: Beth Fantaskey
  9. murka (talk · contribs) - Article: Protestant Reformation
  10. DesmaraisD (talk · contribs) - Article: David Jalbert
  11. valmt (talk · contribs) - Article: Animal health technology
  12. FGuilbert (talk · contribs) - Article: Murias
  13. j.côté (talk · contribs) -Article:Pierre-Luc Gagnon
  14. MagalieTortue (talk · contribs)- Article: Ed Sheeran
  15. Qwsae (talk · contribs)- Article: Kojiki
  16. Karianneproulx (talk · contribs)- Article: Highland dance
  17. Olivierrommelaere (talk · contribs)- Article: Great highland bagpipe
  18. Sgirouard20 (talk · contribs)-Article: Mike Ward
  19. gabrielle.cianci (talk · contribs)- Article: Mariloup Woolf
  20. DamienH-H (talk · contribs)- Article:Jean Charest
  21. Alex-André (talk · contribs)
  22. Mchagnon (talk · contribs)- Article: Relay For Life
  23. Saraudrey (talk · contribs)- Article: Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe
  24. BCchabot (talk · contribs)- Article: Steve Bégin
  25. minimanimo (talk · contribs)

Workshop 1A : Getting Ready[change source]

Wiki-race: For this exercise, you must start the race on an article and finish on another by clicking on the least blue links possible. For example, you must start the race on the article "Ice hockey" and finish on the article "Gas" by clicking on the least blue links. Example: Ice hockey > Ice > Liquid > Gas (3 clicks)

Exploration of Wikipedia in general, the Simple English platform and the official project page (See pdf document on Léa).

Workshop 1B[change source]

Wikipedia youngsters

For more details, refer to pdf document on Léa.

  • Activate your user page
  • Add the banner {{Class project user|link=WP:CSH}} on the top of your userpage and also on your personal Talk page.
  • Write a basic introduction on yourself, just to let other Wikipedians know who you are and what you are up to.
  • At home, add your username in the participants section above.

Workshop 2A : Writing[change source]

  • Choose a subject that you are interested in and that you already know things about.
  • Find English reliable sources in library and on the web. Keep track of these sources to be able to add them to your article later.
  • To keep track of your sources, you can add them in your userpage and easily refer to them later on.
  • Do not copy and paste sentences from English Wikipedia: this is a copyright violation, but you can rephrase or even translate French Wikipedia (with external sources).
  • Add the banner {{Class project|link=WP:CSH}} on the top of the article you choose to work on.
  • At home: Add your article entry name beside your username in the Participants list on the official project page: - Article: [[name of article]].

Workshop 2B[change source]

  • Write your article (time: 2 weeks).
  • Review evaluation criteria to make sure you do a good job.

Workshop 2C[change source]

  • Proofread your article before posting it online.
  • Copy-paste final version on Wikipedia.
  • Get familiar with the Change and View History tabs.

Workshop 3A : Wikifying[change source]

  • Write and create references.
  • Get familiar with the technical aspect of posting on Wikipedia (wiki syntax, info reading, practice, see examples, etc.).

Workshop 3B[change source]

  • Final tweak to your article: Add images, hyperlinks, paragraphs, list of references, etc.
  • Wrap-up on experience on your user page.

Help[change source]

Useful Links[change source]

Need help right now? Have a live chat : English / Français

Ideas for Articles[change source]

In this section you will find suggestions for articles. You may also choose other articles to work on. Don't forget to add the banner on the article you decide to work on.

... Or any other notable subject you like! If you want to have more ideas, here is a list of the shortest articles on Simple English Wikipedia that can be improved.

Banners[change source]

{{Class project|link=WP:CSH}}
For articles: Please add this banner on the top of each article you work on. It indicates to other Wikipedia users that Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe is working on an article. See example: CEGEP.
{{Class project user|link=WP:CSH}}
For userpages: Please add this banner on the top of each student who takes part to this project. It indicates to other Wikipedia users that a student participates to the project Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe.

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