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Article content
How to report a problem with an article, or find out more information.

Article subjects
Problems with articles about you, a company you work for, or someone you represent.

How to copy text on Wikipedia, donate your text, or report unallowed use of your copyrighted work.

Press and partnerships
If you are a member of the press looking to contact Wikipedia, or have a business proposal.

General questions
If you have questions about topics not covered by the other sections.

If there is an article about you that has problems, please do not edit it yourself or ask other people to do it for you. There are multiple ways for you to have the problems fixed.

It is most recommended to email experienced volunteers in the Email Help Team at

Wikipedia does not have a central author or content reviewer; our articles are created and maintained by volunteer editors. If you want to contact a specific editor directly, you can find their talk page by typing in the Wikipedia search bar on the top right: "User talk:[their username]". Otherwise, you can create a section at Simple talk, our main community discussion page, and editors will see it.

If you are being paid to edit Wikipedia, or editing for a person or company that pays you in any way, you need to disclose (say publicly) that you have a paid conflict of interest. You can write it on your userpage or in edit summaries. This is required by the Terms of Use.

If you have a conflict of interest that does not involve money, it is still recommended that you disclose your conflict of interest. Please see our page on conflicts of interest for more information: Wikipedia:Conflict of interest.