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Article content
How to report a problem with an article, or find out more information.

Article subjects
Problems with articles about you, a company you work for, or someone you represent.

How to copy text on Wikipedia, donate your text, or report unallowed use of your copyrighted work.

Press and partnerships
If you are a member of the press looking to contact Wikipedia, or have a business proposal.

General questions
If you have questions about topics not covered by the other sections.

If someone uses your images or text on Wikipedia without asking, please report it here, by email to, or email the administrators at

If you only think that content on a particular page is a copyright infringement (someone is using copyrighted images or text without asking), then you may remove the text and ask for it to be deleted from the history at the Administrators' noticeboard.

If you want to use Wikipedia content, it is not a problem because our licenses (the GNU Free Documentation License and CC-BY-SA 3.0) already allow you to use it, even commercially! However, you have to follow the terms (rules) of our license. Please see Wikipedia:Copyrights for details.