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Wikipedia:Elections for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation

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This is a simple version of m:Elections for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, 2005/En. Please see that page for the original. Only Danny, Aphaia, Datrio or Bjarte may edit this page on meta..

Hello Everyone,

Soon, there will be elections for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation.

We are getting ready to choose who will be on the board. The Board members will speak for other users, who work hard on editing Wikimedia websites and make the community a success.

The Board will decide things that affect the Wikimedia Foundation. They will not run the website. See m:Board of Trustees. This page has more information about the Wikimedia Foundation. It also says what the Board will do.

In the election, we will vote on two people.

You can vote if you have edited a Wikimedia project for three months or more and have made more than 400 edits on the Wikimedia project on which you vote.

You can vote people as many as you want. The person who gets the most and second most votes are the winners. This sort of election is called approval voting.

If two people get the same number of votes, there will be a new election. In that, people will have to vote on one of those two.

If you want to be a candidate (you want to be on the board), please add your details to Election candidates.

Candidates have until the end of Friday, 7th June 2005 to add themselves to the page. Voting will start on Tuesday, 28th June 2005. It will last for two weeks. It will end at Monday, 11th July 2005 at midnight UTC. After this, the results will be said.

There will be more information soon. You can ask questions at m:Talk:Election FAQ.

If you can write in another language, please translate this page. Then add it to the projects in that language. This includes Wikipedias, Wikimedias, Wiktionaries, Wikibooks, Wikisources, Wikinews and Wikiquotes. When you have done that, please add a link to m: Election Notice Translations. If you do this, we might ask for your help with the elections in that language. You might need to help give more information to those projects.

You can add notes and questions to m:Talk:Election FAQ.

We would like to wish all of the candidates the best of luck in the election,

  • Danny
  • Aphaia
  • Datrio
  • Bjarte

Election Officials, Wikimedia Election Committee