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Any time that people work together, it is important to make rules that they should agree to follow. Most of the rules written here must be followed by everyone, and some of the rules are still being decided.

Most of the time, if a rule has not been made here, or if something that happens is not covered by the rules that are here, we will look at the rules on the main English Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects. We should also use common sense.

Foundation issues[change source]

The Wikimedia Foundation has made rules that can never be changed. All Wikipedias must follow them:

Other rules[change source]

Policies[change source]

These are rules about how editors and administrators should act.

Guidelines[change source]

Writing guidelines[change source]

These are rules for writing articles for the Simple English Wikipedia.

Behaviour guidelines[change source]

These are rules for how to work better in Wikipedia together.