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Notable Females from the San Francisco Bay Area is a research project for a school in California. Up to 65 students will be researching and editing articles on notable females from our region (drawn from a range of fields of work, countries of origin, forms of activism, etc). They will research in library reference sources and then they will edit and cite the sources they reference in the Simple English Wikipedia article.

They will be writing and editing articles on 03/11/2020, at several points between 3pm UTC and 10pm UTC each day. Teachers will check work in the following days.

The IP range on our primary internet link is: through

The IP range on our backup internet link is: through

I will need to change the date on which we will be writing/editing within SEW. Right now, students are still working on their paper drafts. I will leave this page in place until we get the new date set. Thank you--Castilibrary2 (talk)

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Banners[change source]

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For articles: Please add this banner on the top of each article you work on. It indicates to other Wikipedia users this article is part of the Notable Females from the San Francisco Bay Area project.

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Articles edited[change source]

  1. Brandi Chastain
  2. Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
  3. Kristi Yamaguchi
  4. Tara Vanderveer
  5. Alice Waters
  6. Dominique Crenn
  7. Maha Elgenaidi
  8. Julia Morgan
  9. London Breed
  10. Mary C. Daly
  11. Elaine Forbes
  12. Jennifer Anne Doudna
  13. Tiffany Shlain
  14. Ruth Asawa
  15. Carol Channing
  16. Alicia Garza
  17. Ruth Brinker
  18. Sylvia McLaughlin
  19. Ginetta Sagan
  20. Betty Reid Soskin
  21. Mary Tape
  22. "Mother" Wright
  23. Yoshie Akiba
  24. Edythe Boone
  25. Luisa Buada
  26. Sharon Chatman
  27. Katherine Megan McArthur
  28. Sofia Mendoza
  29. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
  30. Brenda Villa
  31. Anna Wang
  32. Aimee Allison
  33. Kimberly Bryant