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The Simple News

For some time now I've listened to quite a few people say that we need to focus on mainspace growth of the project. So, I've been thinking about a few things. Firstly, I wanted to figure out what has been preventing some people from working on articles that they may have an interest in. I thought a lot about it and think it might come down to two main reasons. The first I thought about is that quite a few people have said that they are not very good at editing articles or that they lack confidence in doing so. So with that in mind I have begun a series of "lectures" and "lessons" that can be read and worked through so that people who would like to learn more about editing can do so at their leisure. The first of these is a series about sourcing and citing information found within articles. It is located User:Fr33kman/SN/The Importance of V/Issue 1. Other series of lectures will cover what is simpler English, what should an article contain, as well as others. I hope guest lecturers will sign up and also write courses for others to use. WE have some very good writers who can offer others a lot of good advice.

The second factor that occurred to me is a lack of a means of focusing on what to do within mainspace. So,my second initiative is aimed at the direct improvement of existing articles and the creation of brand new articles. I call it Article Project Partners and it is intended to act as a focusing medium that gives ideas of articles to work on, but does so by encouraging people to partner up with a buddy. Ideally the partnerships could also be used to encourage really experienced writers to team up with novice writers. Hopefully we can get some important articles up to GA or even VGA status.

That's it for my first article for Simple News. Take care all, and happy editing! fr33kman talk 20:06, 25 October 2009 (UTC)[reply]