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The Simple News

Next up for the QandA interview is Eptalon, lets see how he gets on...

Okay, lets get started then; Tell us a bit about yourself, who are you, what do you do?

I am a Computer Scientist (recently obtained Msc), currently looking for a job. When I feel like it, I edit Wikipedia; I think currently I am number 2 or number 3 (as to number of edits) on Simple.

Grats on the Msc! So what do you like to do on Wikipedia?

I am generally interested in creating/improving articles that touch on Computer Science (and natural sciences, more generally); I have also been one of those who contributed to the GA and VGA processes; I was one of a few editors that initated their creation, and their improvement (about a year ago). I have contributed a few of those articles, or helped improve them to meet the standards.

Other than that I also often translate articles from other Wikipedias, Bastide was translated from French (currently up for GA, might fail though); Mumia was translated from the German one.

How did you discover Wikipedia; and how did you then discover Simple English Wikipedia?

I have no idea any more... It was long ago, my first edits in SEWP were like end of 2005. The first message on my talk page dates from January 2006.

Cool, an oldie then? What keeps you at Wikipedia, ie, what do you like most about it?

As to Simple English Wikpiedia in general: I am not a native English speaker; and I was enticed by the idea to make a learning resource to help other people learn the language (and to explain certain concepts in more simple terms).

At the moment, I think this Wikipedia has a small, but great community. It would not be what it is without this community; being small also means that we do not need many rules, this gives many liberties to those contributing.

Okay, on the other hand what do you like least?

I think at the moment we are growing only slowly; this means that we cannot put many ideas into practice, simply for lack of manpower.

Also what has become apparent with recent growth is that we are starting to see the first symptoms of "Drama", one of the reason why many people left the other (bigger) Wikipedias.

I agree, It certainly doesn't help that so many of our established users have left?

Our long-standing bureaucrat left for reasons unrelated to Wikipedia. To the others leaving: there have always been fluctuations in editors. I also think that the recent column in a web comic brought us editors; so it is not all negative.

So what do you get up to online or offline, other than Wikipedia?

I read mail; I check a few of my favorite web sites; thats about it. Offline: I sometimes go to parties and other events, and meet with real-life friends.

Okay, last question. Is there anything you want to say, anything you want to plug, or to advertise, ie a wikiproject etc?

Not really; the issues that concern this Wikipedia are regularly up for discussion at simple talk; when it comes to resolving them, my opinion counts like that of anybody else... :)

Well thanks for that Eptalon! Look out for more QandA interviews in future editions!

Kennedy 21:02, 13 March 2009 (UTC)