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The Simple News

Next up for the QandA interview is Steve Crossin, with guest interviewer Goblin. Lets see how he gets on...

Let's get started then. Please tell me a bit about yourself; Who are you, what do you do?

Well I'm a Computer Systems Engineering student who is engaged, and I dont have kids :p I'm a produce assistant at Woolies :>

Ahhh woolies, they just went bust here in the UK :( Anyway, that sounds cool :) So what do you like about Wikipedia?

I'm Steve, banned en-wikipedian (at time of writing), I focus on solving other people's disputes (mediation mainly), the TV show 24, as well as other gnome work such as fixing redirects, wikilinks, citation cleanup, etc

Sounds like fun! ;) Can you tell us why you were banned at the English Wikipedia?

Well this discussion - In brief, I was banned for account sharing.

When did you first find Wikipedia? Can you remember what your first edit was?

I first found Wikipedia in 2005 or so but I didn't edit it this edit. And yes, I had never edited before that. People were suspicious I was a sock of someone else cos I used an edit summary first up. But I'm just smart.

Lol ;) You're a bit of an oldie then! What keeps you at Wikipedia?

You mean, what kept me waiting the 6 months, active in irc in #-en, editing other wikis, and vowing to return after the ban?

Yes pretty much :)

I am needed. Some of the stuff I do, no one else cares about and there aren't enough experienced mediators/dispute resolutioners. I can help Wikipedia, and I have done so since editing Wikipedia, even since being banned, in varying degrees.

So what do you like about Wikipedia the least?

Hahaha teh drama. *cough* The drama. The conflict. Users that are divisive and cause conflict.

I agree, as i know many other users do. It doesn't help that a lot of Simple's established users have left because of it does it?

Well, no, it doesn't help. I think what needs to change is we need to stop saying "NO" or "Oppose" to everything and start saying "Yes" or "Support". We can't be afraid of change. Change is generally good, and there's nothing wrong with trying something new. If it doesn't work, then we go back to how things used to be, but you will never know if you don't give it a go.

That's a very good philosophy, and i think it's one that more people should adopt! Okay, last question; Is there anything you want to say, plug, shout out to etc?

Just wanna mention the fact that I know I let a lot of people down when I was banned at en. I just want to ask for the chance to earn their trust back, I guess. Gotta tie things off. And, to tell them that I haven't changed as an editor. I'll still be the formal guy I am now :p

Ok :) I'm sure that will happen :) Thanks for your time!

Well thanks for that Steve! Look out for more QandA interviews in future editions!

Goblin 10:28, 16 March 2009 (UTC)