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The Simple News

Hi folks! Here is my second SN article.

Hope you all had a great 2 weeks. I remember saying last time that we were only 264 short of 60,000 articles. However, I’m sad to say that this margin has now increased to 3,005 5000+ (!) :( Most of you will know that this is the result of the mass deletion of several hundreds of articles. It has been a concern for all of us that several articles which have been created are one-line stubs on non-notable subjects.

I believe that we should follow a particular list of notable, uncreated articles which should be created by us. This is not like List of articles all Wikipedias should have. Articles to be included should be important people, FA/GAs from other projects and businesses having large number of Google hits. Also, we should strive to eradicate stubs and so I usher all users to join WikiProject Stub Eradication.

Eptalon proposed to create an offline version of SEWP here. We should try to cover at least 50% of the articles at detect possible candidates for inclusion in the CD.

Unfortunately, yesterday Bluegoblin7 left SEWP after an argument regarding the mass deletion of articles without the flood flag. It'll surely be a bit difficult without him, but anyway, we should not let it be a hindrance for us.

This is all for now. Hope to see you again next time. Bye, Pmlineditor 16:20, 2 July 2009 (UTC).Reply[reply]