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This is pretty much a copy of a recent blog post I made, but I thought it'd make an interesting article.

The last few days have been rough for the Simple English Wikipedia. Following a dramatic ANI thread about ChristianMan16's unbanning on the English Wikipedia, EN now has the general idea that Simple is just a breeding ground for blocked EN editors to wreak havoc. In the past week, we've had two blocked EN users (Kalajan and A1a2s) become banned at Simple, and they've both socked after their ban. I really don't know what direction the project is going in. I think that the starting point for all of this was the infamous Simplewiki vandal known mostly by the name "Static" (User:StaticFalcon and User:ShockingHawk, who was unblocked and mentored several times, even after socking through a ban. Simple gave him many, many chances, and he's never been rebanned (he doesn't edit Simple very often, good for the both of us). Also, I myself drew up a mentoring plan for now-banned editor Tharnton345, Static's fellow young and immature user. Maybe, it's our sheltering of such immature trolls that has given us such a bad reputation. I don't really know if we can ever redeem ourselves.