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The Simple News

I think that in 2009...

Simple Related[change source]

  1. I will finally write a good article on Simple.
  2. Simple will gain a 3rd bucreaucrat.
  3. Double the amount of editors will edit here.

Sports Related[change source]

  1. The Los Angeles Lakers will become the NBA champions.
  2. The Connecticut Huskies women's basketball team will win their championship.
  3. Blake Griffin will be the #1 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.

World Related[change source]

  1. Barack Obama will sign peace treaties with several countries in the middle east.
  2. The price of gas will hopefully stay around $2.35.
  3. The Obama family's dog will be a Scottish Terrier.

Self Related[change source]

  1. I will stay on the honor roll throughout the year.
  2. I will do a lot more traveling.
  3. I will gain multiple new family members.

Happy New Year!