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This is a guide for new editors who want to work on Wikipedia articles about something they are connected with. If you learn about our policies and practices, you should be treated with kindness and respect. If you are transparent about your conflict of interest, you should be helped and guided towards good use of sources and policy. You should not be dismissed or targeted.

At first, you might find that it is hard to understand how Wikipedia works. But once you understand, you can edit in harmony with the community's goals. This page will try to explain what you need to know to edit pages, add neutral content, avoid problems, and get help. Take the time to read it. Your experience adding content to the Wikipedia community will be a positive one.

Summary[change source]

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  • There must be significant coverage in independent reliable sources before you start an article about a topic.
  • Your role is to inform and reference. Do not promote or sell.
  • Write without bias. If the article is about a company you work for, write as if you don't work for the company. If the article is about a person you know, write as if you don't know the person.
  • State facts and statistics. Don't be vague or general.
  • Take time to collect your sources. Read Wikipedia's policies. In this way, your writing here will have a lasting effect.
  • Tell the community about any connection you have to the subject of the article.
  • Ask other editors to review your writing
  • Work with the community. The community will work with you.
  • Communicate with other editors often.