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Ana Ivanovic at the Medibank International 8Jan2008.jpg

Ana Ivanović (Serbian: Ана Ивановић) born November 6, 1987, in Belgrade, Serbia (then Yugoslavia) is a Serbian tennis player. As of 2008, she is one of the best female tennis players in the world. She won the French Open in 2008 and came second there in 2007. She also came second at the Australian Open in 2008. She has also played tennis for Serbia in the international tournament called the Fed Cup.

Ivanović is very tall, and is famous for the way she plays. She is best known for her powerful serve. Although she is Serbian, Ivanović currently lives in Basel, Switzerland. As of June 2008, she has earned over $5 million during her tennis career. Outside tennis, she is interested in clothes and fashion, and is an ambassador for the worldwide charity for children, UNICEF.

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