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Tropical Storm Gabrielle was a tropical storm that moved over eastern North Carolina before turning out to the sea. It was the seventh named storm of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season. Gabrielle formed as a subtropical cyclone on September 8 about 385 miles (625 km) southeast of Cape Lookout, North Carolina. Wind shear affected the storm for much of its existence, although a brief decrease in the shear allowed the system to strengthen into a tropical storm. On September 9, Gabrielle made landfall on the coast of North Carolina. Turning to the northeast, the storm quickly weakened and died out on September 11. The storm dropped heavy rainfall near its actual landfall location but little precipitation in other areas. Total damage was minor, and there were no reported deaths.

A dying cold front moved off the coast of Georgia on September 2, leaving an area of clouds and showers that slowly moved eastward. This area began to organize, and by late on September 4, the thunderstorms had built up to the east of the system's center. On September 5, a Hurricane Hunters aircraft reported that the system had not yet become a tropical or subtropical cyclone. A trough caused some wind shear, which stopped the storm from gaining any strength. However, the area soon became more favorable for the storm to strengthen.

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