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needs a sub-section on footballers[change source]

A footballer is not notable simply by being employed by a notable club, no matter how famous the club is. This is because clubs employ many players who have not yet shown notable ability.

The standard is whether or not they are members of the first team squad, as defined by the club and manager. Also, they may not be current members of the squad, but on loan to other clubs. They are still notable if their career has shown them to be notable by being former squad members of a notable team.

The above holds good for all leagues where the standard is known to be first-rate. That might be judged as "the top division of any country which played in the finals of the World Cup". Notable players may be employed in lesser leagues, and may be judged notable on other grounds, for example as being former internationals, or achieving respected awards.

Commentary[change source]

This sets the bar pretty low, but many of our pages fail it because the issue of notability is simply not addressed. We could raise the bar but, whatever, we should insist on its being done on our pages.

Biographic pages on individual footballers must give evidence of their notability. It is not enough to say "Joe Blggs is/was an Arsenal player" or some such. Macdonald-ross (talk) 10:26, 29 June 2016 (UTC)