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A U.S. speed limit sign

A speed limit is a legal limit on how fast a person can make their road vehicle go. Some roads have also have a minimum speed limit, which is how slow a vehicle is allowed to travel.

In the United Kingdom, the speed limit in towns is usually 30 miles per hour, and the speed limit on dual carriageways and motorways is usually 70 miles per hour. In France, the speed limit on motorways is usually 130 kilometres per hour, which is about 80 miles per hour. Also, in United States, most highways are from 65 to 70 miles per hour, and freeways are from 55 to 80 miles per hour. In Canada, the speed limit is usually about 100 km/h. In Australia the speed limit on freeways is between 100 and 120 kilometres per hour, and in towns and cities between 40 and 60 km/h.

Wikispeedia[change | change source]

Wikispeedia is a list of speed limits worldwide. It is a collaborative list that anyone can edit. Every street in the United States is included, along with England and Australia. There are 28 million speed limits so far.[when?]

The site has an API and pays all contributors. To join, the contributors have to log 100 signs.

Wikispeedia is registered as a charity. It is hosted on Amazon RDS.

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