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FounderFrederico Andrade, Daniel Bogre Udell, Lindie Botes[1]

Wikitongues is an American non-profit organization registered in New York. Its goal is to document all the languages in the world.[2] It was founded by Frederico Andrade, Daniel Bogre Udell and Lindie Botes in 2014.[3][4]

Oral histories[change | change source]

Wikitongues contributors in Montreal during Wikimania 2017.

By May 2016, 329 videos in over 200 languages were recorded for Wikitongues.[5] As of 2018, the amount of languages increased to 350 languages, or 5% of the languages in the world, with plans to increase the amount of languages to 1000 in the coming years.[6]

Poly[change | change source]

Poly is an open-source software program designed to be used to share and learn languages.[7] Wikitongues earned $52,716 USD combined from 429 backers on Kickstarter,[1] which helped Poly be developed. Poly is currently under development.[8]

Licenses[change | change source]

All videos recorded for Wikitongues are released under a CC-by-NC 4.0 license. It was recently made possible to use a CC-by-SA 4.0 license instead.[9]

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