Will Truman

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William Truman
First appearance "Pilot; Love and Marriage"
Last appearance "Finale"
Created by Max Mutchnick
Portrayed by Eric McCormack
Nickname(s) Will, Wilma (Given to him by Karen)
Occupation Attorney
Title William Truman, Esq.
Family George Truman (father; dead)
Marilyn Truman (mother)
Paul Truman (brother)
Sam Truman (brother)
Jordan Truman (nephew)
Casey Truman (adopted niece)
Spouse(s) Vince D'Angelo (partner)
Children Ben Truman (son)
Lila Markus (daughter-in-law)

William "Will" Truman is a character in Will & Grace. He is a lawyer and is gay. He was played by Eric McCormack. Will lived in the hotel with his Jewish friend. Grace Adler lived next door with Jack McFarland.