Will Truman

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William Truman
First appearance"Pilot; Love and Marriage"
Last appearance"Finale"
Created byMax Mutchnick
Portrayed byEric McCormack
Nickname(s)Will, Wilma (Given to him by Karen)
TitleWilliam Truman, Esq.
FamilyGeorge Truman (father; dead)
Marilyn Truman (mother)
Paul Truman (brother)
Sam Truman (brother)
Jordan Truman (nephew)
Casey Truman (adopted niece)
Spouse(s)Vince D'Angelo (partner)
ChildrenBen Truman (son)
Lila Markus (daughter-in-law)

William "Will" Truman is a character in Will & Grace. He is a lawyer and is gay. He was played by Eric McCormack. Will lived in the hotel with his Jewish friend. Grace Adler lived next door with Jack McFarland.