Willem Elsschot

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Willem Elsschot (1951)

Willem Elsschot (7 May 1882 - 31 May 1960), was a Belgian writer and poet. His real name was Alphonsus Josephus de Ridder. He was born in Antwerp. His parents ran a bakery. He studied at the Atheneum of Antwerp, were he was inspired for literature by his teacher Pol de Mont. Later he went to the business high school of Antwerp and ran an advertising agency.

Bibliography (translated into English)[change | change source]

  • Villa des Roses (1913; translated in 1992 by Paul Vincent [ISBN 1-86207-616-2])
  • Een ontgoocheling ("A Disappointment", 1921)
  • De verlossing ("Deliverance", 1921)
  • Lijmen (1924, translated as "Soft Soap" and collected in Three Novels, 1965)
  • Kaas ("Cheese", 1933, translated in 2002 by Paul Vincent [ISBN 1-86207-481-X] - Review)
  • Tsjip (1934)
  • Verzen van vroeger ("Poems from the Past", 1934)
  • Pensioen ("Pension", 1937)
  • Het been (1938, translated as "The Leg" and collected in Three Novels)
  • De leeuwentemmer ("The Lion Tamer", 1940)
  • Het tankschip ("The Mammoth Tanker", 1942)
  • Het dwaallicht (1946, short story, translated as "Will o' the Wisp" and collected in Three Novels)
  • Verzameld werk ("Collected works", 1957)

Filmography[change | change source]

  • Villa des Roses
  • Lijmen/Het Been
  • Kaas