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Willie Brown (August 6, 1900 – December 30, 1952) was an American guitarist and singer. He played with Charley Patton, Son House, and Robert Johnson.

Life[change | change source]

Birth[change | change source]

Brown was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Music[change | change source]

He was known to be shy and only wanting to accompany other musicians rather than play lead guitar. Robert Johnson called him "my friend boy Willie Brown".

Brown is heard playing on the Paramount label sessions of 1930. He played M & O Blues and Future Blues. He also played songs with Son House and Charlie Patton. There are also rumours that he played with Luke Thomson and Thomas "Clubfoot" Coles. At least four other songs he recorded for Paramount have never been found.

Brown also played a song during the Great Depression for the Library of Congress called Make Me a Pallet on the Floor.

Possible songs[change | change source]

A song called Rowdy blues was thought to have Brown playing on rhythm guitar since he played another song (Future Blues) on the same album (Son House & The Great Delta Blues Singers).

Death[change | change source]

He died of heart disease in Tunica, Mississippi at the age of 52.

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