Wohl Rose Park

Coordinates: 31°46′45″N 35°12′13″E / 31.77917°N 35.20361°E / 31.77917; 35.20361
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31°46′45″N 35°12′13″E / 31.77917°N 35.20361°E / 31.77917; 35.20361

The Knesset Menorah in Wohl Rose Park

Wohl Rose Park (Hebrew: גן הוורדים, Gan HaVradim) is a public garden on the Presidential Hill in Givat Ram, central Jerusalem, Israel. The garden includes lawns, hills, and quarries. There is an ornamental pond with aquatic plants and fish. The garden also has a waterfall, rockeries, sculptures, and a sixth-century mosaic floor. The floor was unearthed at Kibbutz Sde Nahum. The garden was opened in 1981.

Over 400 varieties of roses are grown there. Many of them are gifts from countries around the world. The Wohl Rose Park covers 19 acres (77,000 m2). It is one of the few rose parks of its kind in the Middle East, where there is no rainfall in summer.[1] The park's Garden of Nations is made up of sections donated by other countries. Each section has rose varieties characteristic of, or grown in, the respective country. The park also has an experimental section. This is where new varieties of roses are tested for their suitability for public and private gardens in Israel.[1] It is Jerusalem's official reception area for visiting guests of state and dignitaries.[2]

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