Woman's Christian Temperance Union

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Woman's Christian Temperance Union
The logo of the WCTU is a white ribbon bow, representing purity.
TypeNon-governmental organization, Non-profit organization
FocusTemperance movement
Area served

The Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) is an active international temperance organization. It was one of the first organizations of women who wanted social reform. They did this with a program that "linked the religious and the secular through concerted and far-reaching reform strategies based on applied Christianity."[1] It was influential in the temperance movement, and supported the 18th Amendment. It was also influential in social reform issues that became big in the progressive era.

The WCTU started on December 23, 1873, in Hillsboro, Ohio. It officially had a national convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1874.[2]

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