Won Gyun

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General Won Gyun(korean:원균, hanja: 元均, January 6 1540 - June 19 1597) was korean Josun dynastys General politicians.

Life[change | change source]

Won gyun was born in Pyungtaek, in Gyeonggi, Josun dynasty(Ancient name of Korea) on January 6, 1540. He became a warrior at the late age of 29. When he arrived Kyungsang-do province as the navy commander of western part of Jeolla-do province in 1592, he predicted the war with Japan. He disciplined the navy tightly and made the turtle ship, which had at least five different types of cannon and had a fully covered deck with iron spikes to shield from cannon fire and attempt to board the ship, for preparation of the war.

In the early days of war is in victory. But was defeated warriors, from strategy to Retreated Chilcheonryang. However Won Gyun was killed by enemy fire during, Geiojedo in 1597.

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