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Workers' Party of Singapore

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The Workers' Party
Malay nameParti Pekerja
Chinese name工人党
Gōngrén Dǎng
Tamil nameபாட்டாளிக் கட்சி
Pāṭṭāḷik Kaṭci
LeaderPritam Singh
ChairpersonSylvia Lim
Secretary-GeneralPritam Singh
Vice ChairmanMuhamad Faisal bin Abdul Manap
FounderDavid Saul Marshall
Founded3 November 1957; 66 years ago (1957-11-03)
Preceded byLabour Front
Headquarters701 Geylang Rd
Singapore 389687
1°18′53″N 103°53′22″E / 1.3147°N 103.8894°E / 1.3147; 103.8894
Youth wingWorkers' Party Youth Wing
Political positionCentre-left
Colours  Light Blue
Slogan"Make Your Vote Count"
10 / 104

The Workers' Party of Singapore, officially known as The Workers' Party (abbreviation WP), is a major centre-left political party in Singapore. The party supports democratic socialism and social democracy. Alongside the governing People's Action Party, it is one of the oldest parties active in the country, having contested every election since 1959. It was founded by Mr David Marshall on 3 November 1957, and was the first party to win the majority of the votes under Mr Marshall before People's Action Party took over on 30 May 1959. Since then, it still is an active party and one of the three main parties in the Singapore Parliment.

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