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World Peace One (WP1) is a ten-year idea for promoting peace. It includes lots of inventive global campaigns, programs and activities that are meant to help the world in "ending all wars" and have "permanent peace". It is a huge world peace movement, that focuses on human re-inspiration, re-education and redirection—to get rid of war. All of WP1's programs are being organized by WP1 Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization based in Florida, United States. WP1 is preparing a series of "peace ambassador" programs. These are targeted towards governments, religious groups, corporations, schools and universities, as well as celebrity groups, women's organizations, sports organizations and world youth.

Global SuperConcert[change | change source]

The WP1 Global SuperConcert is an musical event that will take place in twelve cities across the world. The concert date is to be announced. The purpose of the event is to move humanity toward "ending all war," in favor of "permanent peace.".

The WP1 Global SuperConcert is planned to be held in twelve countries and broadcast to over 190 countries.

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