World War I Victory Medal (United States)

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The World War I Victory Medal is a service medal of the United States military which was first created in 1919, designed by James Earle Fraser. The medal was originally intended to be created due to an act of the United States Congress. It was initiated in April of 1921.

Description The medal is Bronze and 1 3/8 inches in diameter. On the obverse is a winged Victory, standing full length and full face. On the reverse is the inscription “THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILIZATION” and the United States shield with the letters “U.S.” surmounted by a fasces, and on either side the names of the allied and associated nations. The lapel button is a five-pointed star 5/8-inch in diameter on a wreath with the letters “U.S.” in the center.

Ribbon The medal is suspended by a ring from a silk ribbon 1 3/8 inches in width, representing two rainbows placed in juxtaposition and having the red in the middle.