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Steamed xiaolongbao served in a traditional steaming basket
Alternative namesXiaolong bao, xiao long bao, soup dumplings, xiaolong mantou, XLB
CourseDim sum, xiaochi
Place of originChina
Region or stateJiangnan (Shanghai, Wuxi)
Main ingredientsLeavened or unleavened dough, minced pork (or other meats), aspic
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese小笼包
Traditional Chinese小籠包
Literal meaninglittle-basket bun
xiaolong mantou
Simplified Chinese小笼馒头
Traditional Chinese小籠饅頭
Literal meaninglittle-basket steamed bun
"little-basket steamed head"
Japanese name

Xiaolongbao (小笼包) are small steamed buns, originally from the Jiangnian region in China, especially connected to Shanghai and Wuxi. Traditionally they are filled with pork, but this can be mixed with other things, like crab meat and roe (eggs). Modern versions of these buns are often contain other meats, seafood or vegetarian fillings.

The buns are wrapped in a dough, which sometimes gets bigger by rising (called a leavened dough), or they're wrapped in a dough which doesn't do this (called an unleavened dough). The buns are then steamed over boiling water to cook them.

It is possible to buy deep frozen Xiaolongbao worldwide, normally in special shops or supermarkets which sell ingredients for Chinese cooking.