Yahya Jamaaoui

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Yahya Jamaaoui
Yahya Jamaaoui
BornYahya Jamaaoui
(1995-05-29) May 29, 1995 (age 26)
Morocco, Oujda, Hay El Mir Ali
Signature of Yahya Jamaaoui

Yahya Jamaaoui born (May 29, 1995) is a Moroccan influencer. He is considered the most famous Moroccan voice actor [1] and voiceover. He is active on Instagram and Tik Tok where he creates comic videos in a special way. He uses his voice as a means of dubbing [2] Turkish series in a funny way, bringing us closer to the lived reality in Morocco.

Information about his work[change | change source]

Yahya Jamaaoui became famous for his distinctive voice and funny ideas on social media, where he became one of the famous personalities, the most popular in Morocco and achieved a very great success in the recent period and participated in many series, films, anime and dubbed animation famous in the Arab world and also participated In many works and programs with Moroccan Radio 2m

Information about his life[change | change source]

He was born in the el mir ali district of Oujda and graduated from the Higher Institute of Audiovisual Professions and Cinema. He began his artistic career in the university theater and from there to dubbing and voiceover work, and his beginning was in 2014