Yanta District

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Yanta District (Chinese: 雁塔区, pinyin:Yàntǎ Qū, meaning "Wild goose Tower District") is a District of Xi'an, it's in southern part of Xi'an. Area of it is 151.44km2, and as of November 2010, 1,178,529 people live in here. The name of Yanta District is come from Big Wild Goose Tower, a tower that builded in 652 A.D. It's famous in culture and tour. The district have many university.

History[change | change source]

In September 1954, Yanta District was set up. It was merge from Xi'an No.9 District, a part of Chang'an County, a part of Weiqu District and some other place.

In May 1960, some part of Xincheng District, Lianhu District and Beilin District was merged to Yanta District. But that was revoked in April 1962.

In September 1965, Yanta District was changed to Xi'an suburb toghter with Weiyang District, original Epang District and some other place. It's revoked in February 1980.

Political divisions[change | change source]

Yanta District is divided to 8 part:

  • Xiaozhailu Subdistrict
  • Dayanta Subdistrict
  • Changyanpu Subdistrict
  • Dianzicheng Subdistrict
  • Dengjiapo Subdistrict
  • Yuhuazhai Subdistrict
  • Zhangbagou Subdistrict
  • Qujiang Subdistrict