Yaqui River

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The Yaqui River (Río Yaqui in Spanish) (Hiak Vatwe in Yaqui) is a river in the state of Sonora in northwest Mexico. It is the largest river system in the state of Sonora. The Yaqui river is used for irrigation.

It is about 320km (200mi) in length, the Yaqui flows south and southwest to empty into the Gulf of California. The Yaqui river starts in the Sierra Madre Occidental and flows into the Gulf of California near the port of Guaymas.

Its course is broken up by several reservoirs like Plutarco Elías Calles (El Novillo), Lázaro Cárdenas (Angostura), or Álvaro Obregón (El Oviáchic, Lake Ouiachic), which provides the water for the heavily farmed region of Ciudad Obregón.