Yawmiat Hamody Saif Al-Jamel

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Yawmiat Hamody Saif Al-Jamel
Comedy drama
Created byHamody Saif
Based onFuture's Folktales
Written byHamody Saif
Directed byHamody Saif
StarringMegumi Ōhara
Megumi Han
Subaru Kimura
Tomokazu Seki
Opening themeWe are Little Good by Hamody Saif
Country of origin Iraq
Original language(s)Arabic, Japanese
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes13
Production location(s)Japanese Palace
Running time9 Minutes
Production company(s)Manga Productions, Sony Pictures Entertainment, D Television Productions
DistributorD Television Media Network
Original networkD Television Media Network
Original releaseMay 30, 2022 –

Yawmiat Hamody Saif Al-Jamel (Japanese: ハモウディ・サイフ・アル・ジャミルの日記؛ romanized: Hamoudi saifu Aru jamiru no nikki) (Arabic: يوميات حمودي سيف الجميل) is a Japanese-Iraqi television series. It was produced by Manga Productions and Sony Pictures Entertainment and D Television Productions. It is based on the Japanese Saudi Arabian anime Future's Folktales.

Plot[change | change source]

The story of the series begins with a boy named Hamoudi Seif, who wants his friends to watch the Khaleeji series Ahmed IR Family on Rotana Khaleejia, but there was a bad problem that the series was discontinued, and the series “The Diary of Yasser Ahmed Al Mubda’” appeared, because his actions made Hamoudi Seif think that his phone needs to delete the series. The TV show, however, Yasser Ahmed and Hamoudi Khaled dancing in a concert, they are once again attacked by robots, and their actions make Hamoudi Seif delete the series "The Diary of Yasser Ahmed, the creator." Yasser and Hamoudi escape, but Abdel Rahman Ahmed takes the series and ends up in the trash.

However, Yasser Ahmed’s friends turned her into children, and she wrote in red the word “The series has been deleted” and threw it in the trash, then Yasser Ahmed came and screamed because the series was deleted and burned, they want Hamoudi Seif and Roya to buy pictures of the Japanese version of the emoji movie, Yasser and Hamoudi are trying to enter To the trash to rescue Abdul Rahman Ahmed, they returned Hamoudi Seif and Roya and the picture was placed in the room, Yasser Ahmed came and made the series “The Diary of Yasser Ahmed, the creator and wants to show them Hamoudi Seif and the vision of the series that was made, after that, Hamoudi Khaled and his friends went to the room to participate in a concert .

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