Yeonsangun of Joseon

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King of Joseon
Reign1494 - 1506
PredecessorSeongjong of Joseon
SuccessorJoongjong of Joseon
Born(1476-12-01)December 1, 1476
DiedNovember 6, 1506(1506-11-06) (aged 29)
HouseHouse of Yi
FatherSeongjong of Joseon
MotherDeposed Queen Lady Yun

Yeonsangun of Joseon (Korean: 연산군, Chinese: 燕山君, 1476 - 1506) was a Korean ruler. 11th King of Joseon Dynasty (1494 - 1506) of Korea. name was Lee Yung (Korean: 이융, Chinese: 李隆), nickname was The Great of Heoncheonhongdokyungmoonwemoo (Korean: 헌천홍도경문위무대왕, Chinese: 憲天弘道經文緯武大王).

Son's of King Seongjong, great-grandson of Sejong the Great.

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Preceded by
King Seongjong
King of Joseon Dynasty
Succeeded by
King Joongjong