Yi I

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Yi I

Yi I (1536 – 1584) was a Korean Confucian scholar. His mother was a famous calligraphist, Shin Saimdang. He was very intelligent as a child, learning to read at three and being very bright at his studies. He was also devoted to his parents: when his mother was sick, he prayed to his ancestors to heal her; and when his father was sick, he cut his own finger with a knife and let his father drink his blood (at that time, people thought human blood was very good medicine).

Yi I on the currently circulating 5,000 won note

Works[change | change source]

  • Seonghakjipyo (성학집요 聖學輯要)
  • Gyeokmongyogyeol (격몽요결 擊蒙要訣)
  • Donghomundap (동호문답 東湖問答)
  • Gijasilgi (기자실기 箕子實記)
  • Gyeongyeonilgi (경연일기 經筵日記)
  • Suneon (순언 醇言)