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Yitzhak Herzog, January 2014

Yitzhak Herzog, Hebrew: יצחק הרצוג , in English commonly referred as Isaac Herzog, (born September 22, 1960 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli politician of HaAvoda (Labor Party). Since June 2018 he is chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel and no longer a member of Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

Herzog was a Member of Knesset from 2003 until June 2018. From 2013 till July 2017 he was leader of HaAvoda. From 2015 till July 2017 he was also leader of HaMahaneh HaTziyoni ("The Zionist Union"), together with Tzipi Livni of HaTnu'a (still leading). Because the new HaAvoda leader Avi Gabbay is not a Knesset member, Herzog remained leading in the Knesset and leader of the Opposition.

He held several government positions:

  • minister of Housing and Construction in 2005
  • minister of Tourism in 2006-2007
  • minister of Diaspora, Society and the Fight against Antisemitism in 2007-2009
  • minister of Welfare and Social Services in 2007-2011

In June 2018, Herzog was unanimously elected chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, for which he left the Knesset and Israeli politics [1]

Herzog is the son of former president of Israel Chaim Herzog.

He studied law at Tel Aviv University and worked as a lawyer at Herzog, Fox & Ne'eman, where his father was one of the founders.

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