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Yoruba people

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Kwara State drummers
Total population
ca. 38 million
Regions with significant populations
 Nigeria 35 million (2012)[1]
 Benin1.2 million (2012)[2]
 Ghana0.4 million[3]
 Togo0.1 million[3]
 Ivory Coast0.1 million[3]
North America0.2 million[4]
Europe0.1 million[5]
Yoruba, Yoruboid languages
Islam (ca. 50%),[6] Christianity, traditional religion.
Related ethnic groups
Bini, Nupe, Igala, Itsekiri, Ebira
A Nigerian Yoruba bride in a lace Buba blouse, with Ipele and the gele headtie made from contemporary Aso Oke

Yoruba is an ethnic group of people living in Africa. They live on the west coast of Africa, mostly they are one of the major tribes in Nigeria and Ghana.

Notable people[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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